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Tiger Lilly
Name Tiger Lilly Plays: Singer
Location: Slough, South East, UK Band or Solo? Solo & Duos
Age: Committed?: Very
Genres: Singer / Acoustic / Indie Favourite Artisits: Jewel
Kelly Clarkson
Contact No: Wants to: Loves creating, loves performing, loves recording
Winner of 'Best Out of Area Act' Exposure Music Awards East 2010

Tiger Lilly is a quirky British pop/rock artist from the suburbs of London
with Persian roots, a unique voice and distinctive sound.

With her soul-baring lyrics and distinctive vocal tones, Tiger Lilly
mesmerizes her audience with her music.

Each song is a recording of her personal struggles, woes and triumphs
which led her to find her path in life: music. “

"I have been writing since I was at school when I got the nickname Tiger
Lilly because I looked like the character from Disney’s Peter Pan. Music
was and still is my therapy”."
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Reviewer: Simon Squirrel from SoundSquirrel's Tree. 5 Stars

Check out Tiger Lilly, young musicians everywhere should see Tiger Lilly as an inspiration, great look, keeps connected and most of all great Sound!

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